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In the fall of 2022, Macrometa hosted a special online event called Developer Week. Developer Week featured hours of quality video content covering a wide range of topics, including product launches, partnership announcements, tech demos, and customer success stories.

All video content was produced in the weeks and days leading up to the event. However, prior to this effort, video was not a well understood capability for my team. In fact, I hadn't edited a video for an audience of any kind in nearly 15 years. We were effectively starting from scratch.

Researching screen capture tools for video contributors.

For all but a few contributors, this was the first foray into the wild and wondrous world of video production as well. This was a key concern, because all raw footage would be captured by each participant and later assembled into final cuts. This meant one of our most important tasks was to educate and support our many contributors in capturing the highest quality takes possible.

All video content produced for this event is available on Youtube, as well as

Macrometa Brand Refresh
Redefining Macrometa's visual identity and design aesthetic, with a little help from our most beloved cephalopod friend.
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Macrometa Web Redesign
Delivering a sharp, modern design aesthetic that captures the essence of Macrometa's cutting-edge tech and visionary leadership.
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Macrometa Design System
A comprehensive toolkit empowering Macrometa's design and web engineering teams with composable styles, patterns, tooling, and best practices.
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Macrometa Product Design
Reimagining Macrometa's core product experience with a sharp new visual aesthetic, interface patterns and best practices, and an emphasis on clarity and simplicity.
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