My time with Macrometa has been so many things. Exhilarating, challenging, exhausting, and deeply rewarding. Words that better describe a transformative journey than a client account or an entry on a resume – and yet that's exactly what it's been for me.

My relationship with Macrometa started in late 2020, as a contract engagement through my firm, Root System. I was immediately blown away by the game-changing tech they had developed, and the potent mix of experience and conviction in their founders and executive team. I knew right away that they were on to something, and that design could be a force-multiplier to help them go to the next level.

In May 2022, I joined full time as Macrometa's head of design, and was soon promoted to VP Platform Experience, leading all aspects of design and frontend engineering, as well as the creation of several vertical services and point solutions in support of Macrometa's enterprise GTM.

From day one, my intention was to raise the profile of the company.

Macrometa had developed truly transformative technology, but from the outside it was more or less impossible to see that. The website, apps, and docs were haphazard, confusing, and lacked any sort of aesthetic continuity from one to the next. Much of the content was full of jargon and nearly impossible to parse. In short, everything had to go. Every single touch point was on my hit list.

My goal was to make what people saw on the outside tell the story of what was on the inside, and in doing so, to elevate the way Macrometans thought about themselves as a company as well.

Over the following year, my team and I did exactly that.

Macrometa Brand Refresh
Redefining Macrometa's visual identity and design aesthetic, with a little help from our most beloved cephalopod friend.
Preview image for "Macrometa Brand Refresh"
Macrometa Web Redesign
Delivering a sharp, modern design aesthetic that captures the essence of Macrometa's cutting-edge tech and visionary leadership.
Preview image for "Macrometa Web Redesign"
Macrometa Product Design
Reimagining Macrometa's core product experience with a sharp new visual aesthetic, interface patterns and best practices, and an emphasis on clarity and simplicity.
Preview image for "Macrometa Product Design"
Macrometa Design System
A comprehensive toolkit empowering Macrometa's design and web engineering teams with composable styles, patterns, tooling, and best practices.
Preview image for "Macrometa Design System"
Macrometa Video Production
Establishing Macrometa's video channel in support of our first online promotional event, producing hours of quality video content and supporting assets.
Preview image for "Macrometa Video Production"