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  • Macrometa's New UI And Design Process

    Nov 8, 2022Published on

    We're excited to share some big changes happening here at Macrometa. Over the past 6 months, the Macrometa design team has been hard at work crafting a new visual aesthetic, brand, and design system that touches every aspect of the company, as well as completely rebuilt web application.

  • Move Fast and Learn Things

    Oct 27, 2017Published on

    How we redesigned our first-time developer experience in a week and boosted new account activation by 65%.

  • Custom Cohort Analysis with Keen IO

    Oct 18, 2016Published on

    Build your own cohort analysis tools, with total control over the logic, look, and feel.

  • What we learned dogfooding our native analytics product

    Aug 26, 2016Published on

    Many of our customers rely on our platform to deliver Native Analytics to their customers, directly in their own products. Now we're doing exactly that: analytics for your analytics. Pretty meta, huh?

  • Announcing: Keen Dashboards

    Jun 16, 2016Published on

    We have some big news to share today! We're excited to announce Dashboards Beta release, a brand new tool that gives anyone the power to create custom dashboards in just a few clicks (or taps!)

  • How doc-driven product design is helping us build better software

    Jan 26, 2016Published on

    Designing a user experience around an API can be challenging. At an API-centric company like Keen, Stripe, Twilio, your product isn't something you can see or touch so you don't have the luxury of visual cues to help people intuit how it works.

  • Introducing geo-explorer: an open source dashboard for tracking app usage by location

    Nov 20, 2014Published on

    Need to monitor your app activity based on location? The geo-explorer dashboard is a fun and interactive way to take a different look at your data. You might remember it as part of our open source dashboard repo that launched a few weeks ago.

  • Charts on Grids — Responsive Dashboard Templates with Bootstrap

    Oct 29, 2014Published on

    Building a dashboard for your customers? Need a quick and easy way to share stuff with your team? Check out the new keen/dashboards on Github and get up and running super quick with great-looking, customizable dashboard templates.

  • Life advice about sketching

    Apr 15, 2013Published on

    Let the history of your line work speak for you.

  • Storyboarding with Startups: Stolen Cars, Saucy Affairs, and Italian Translators

    Mar 27, 2013Published on

    Yesterday morning, I hopped back on a bus bound for Houston to meet a new class of companies and share some storyboarding techniques for developing a clear, compelling pitch. Specifically, my goal was to get these teams thinking about how to humanize their value proposition through story. Why is that important? Read on.

  • Startup boot camp? Design Management summer camp!

    Aug 13, 2011Published on

    Reflecting a first wild and wonderful weekend at 3 Day Startup, hosted by the Rackspace Startup Program in San Antonio, Texas.

  • Kick-start knowing with what you don't

    Aug 9, 2011Published on

    After spending a few weeks buried in USDA reports, activist blogs and market studies, I realized that I had more false assumptions and biases informing my research plan than true understanding.

  • Sharing the design process across space and time

    Jul 11, 2011Published on

    Imagining how AR/VR might support collaborative design processes in the highly distributed work place of the future.

  • Stories about the future

    Jan 14, 2011Published on

    On the surface, a scenario is (hopefully) a good story. But as a strategic device, it is a playground for exploring the driving forces and causal structures that shape the future; a sketchpad for inventing and testing mental models, and revealing what we don't know that we don't know.

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