This is one part of a comprehensive breakdown of my work with Macrometa. Looking for the entry point? Start here or explore related projects below.

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Macrometa Product Design
Reimagining Macrometa's core product experience with a sharp new visual aesthetic, interface patterns and best practices, and an emphasis on clarity and simplicity.
Preview image for "Macrometa Product Design"
Macrometa Brand Refresh
Redefining Macrometa's visual identity and design aesthetic, with a little help from our most beloved cephalopod friend.
Preview image for "Macrometa Brand Refresh"
Macrometa Web Redesign
Delivering a sharp, modern design aesthetic that captures the essence of Macrometa's cutting-edge tech and visionary leadership.
Preview image for "Macrometa Web Redesign"
Macrometa Video Production
Establishing Macrometa's video channel in support of our first online promotional event, producing hours of quality video content and supporting assets.
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